Millennia ago word spread of seven walking the land spearding death and destroying whole cities. Nothing was spared no stone left standing. Roi and his companions named them Sohrem, meaning "hollow wrath", saying that "it seemed to fit." They rejected all attempts at negotiations and "simply crushed everything in its path as if it were a duty." Roi tried to learn about them but could not learn much from the dead bodies left behind. but he did learn that "one thing was for certain- they were all real children before they turned. Not happy children, I should add, all carrying burdens that no children that age should have to bear. Exceptionally strong spirits all seven - none of them buckling under the weight. One was a hunter of all things." Before Roi and his companions sealed them, the Sohrem promised him that it was not over.

Now, someone has broken the seal and released the force behind the Sohrem which has sought new host including Alex, Ronee, Rochelle, and Marina. Roi believes that the host control the Sohrem but he could be wrong, as none of the hosts have memories of what happen when their Sohrem takes control. The Sohrem in Marina seems to remember Roi and is hiding its presence from even his best spells. It also views Daemon as a threat, saying that it needed to hide from the two because they were dangerous.

All Sohrem hosts have been burdened by some sort of curse - Alex was cursed by her friend's mother, and Ronee and Rochelle have a bloodline curse.

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