Former Seer of the Chase family, which is mainly a werewolf family. She tells Daemon about a vision of hers, saying, "A broken seal. Something...something was in there. Not anymore. There is me, standing. And then another. And another. Seven. All children. We waited a long time. And now...We walk away. And the sky turns wrong. There are bodies everywhere. We walk. And walk. And walk." Later she follows this vision up with, "...I am still walking, Teacher. The others are still walking. But not her. She is already here." The "her" appears to be Alex Treveney. Much later in the book she has another vision, after Noh, J, and Terrance have been defeated by an unknown force. "It's her. S-She took...time from them. As a warning to us." She also has experiences like Alex's, including the appearance of a translucent cloak and no memories of what she has said. She is one of the Sohrem. The Sohrem seems to be making her more evil and violent

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